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Property Profile: Berlin Apartment

Loving this Über Cool Apartment in Berlin.  The Gorgeous Colour Palette with splashes of the Burnt Orange and Cool Calming Blue really caught my attention.  That, alongside the Spacious & Light Layout and Eclectic Mix of Modern and Vintage make it a Inspiring Space x

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It’s August tomorrow.  I’m very cold, I’m very pale and I have a mild case of the Mid Winter Blues.  Funnily enough, though this colour can denote glumness & depression it makes for a very happy home. In fact blue is the most preferred pigment of them all.  Décor wise I am a huge blue fan.  However due to the fact I have a tiny teal fixation – see – I tend to go that way on the hue spectrum.  These below colour stories hopefully show that other blue tones are anything but sad.