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Property Profile: Berlin Apartment

Loving this Über Cool Apartment in Berlin.  The Gorgeous Colour Palette with splashes of the Burnt Orange and Cool Calming Blue really caught my attention.  That, alongside the Spacious & Light Layout and Eclectic Mix of Modern and Vintage make it a Inspiring Space x

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Lust Have: Mix & Match Chairs

I’m pretty sure this trend was born purely out of the frustration of finding just 1 or 2 a-mazing chairs in a thrift store or Trade Me.  But who only needs 1 chair around the table? Whatever the reason it’s one of my favourite vintage eclectic looks for a dining room. It perfectly blends character & design.  I love that each chair has its own personality and history and that it becomes a conversation starter on where each piece was found & foraged.  In addition to being a dinner party talking point it also looks fantastic when done well.  Whether you like the look of same colour/different shape, vice versa or another combo entirely here are a few great pick n mix treats.

Lust Have: Mexican Chairs

These iconic 1950′s Acapulco chairs with old Hollywood history ooze retro charm and modern cool.  They offer both effortless form & comfortable function and the versatility continues as their woven plastic & powder coated finishing means they can be used indoors and out.  Perfect for a NZ home.  I have come across two shapes – the most commonly found original shape with peaked tip and a more rounded version.  I’ll have one in every colour por favor.

To buy check out the ‘Collected’ by LeAnn Yare store in Mt Eden in the (09) or have a looksey here