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Currently Loving: Vintage Posters

I say currently loving but it has been a long term love affair really.  Lately though, I have been scouring fleamarkets, junk stores and online auctions for the perfect vintage posters for my boys’ room.  I recently bought two very cool oversized 60’s Circus Tour Posters for them and I can’t wait until they arrive. I think it’s the timeless design and the nostalgic aesthetic that make them a perfect stylish, affordable & collectable art option for your home.  Here are some of my favourite in situ x

vin poster


Inspired by: Typography

I love a good font.  There is something about great typeface that brings me joy.  I have seen some beautiful typography used in décor recently & it inspired me to do a whole post on it.  It doesn’t matter if it is a raw industrial letter or a neon kitsch number, I love how different types can bring originality & personality to a space and it’s as easy as ABC to create in your home – whatever your personal style.